Penelope's Odyssey


Her husband is MIA. She's a single mother. Suitors vying for her hand in marriage so they can have the throne. Her loyal maid-servant is hungry for a life of her own. Her other employee is a backstabber. 

Inspired by the female characters in Homer's "The Odyssey." Women's voices. Men listening. Equilibrium. 

Meet the Cast of Characters


Single mother. Husband MIA. Law of the land demands she remarry and that she cannot continue to rule on her own.


Advisor, confidante, healer. She helped raise the King as a child and now guides The Queen.


Trapped in Poseidon's Prison. He can see what is happening at home and is powerless to change it.


Now of age to rule the Kingdom, the Suitors don't want him around as it will ruin their chances to become King.


He is one of 108 vying for the Queen's affections, but more importantly her throne.

The God-Father

He keeps a low key profile while  holding while manipulating the players in hopes of restoring order.


Loyal to the Queen, she wants a life of her own while struggling to stave off unwanted suitors of her own.


Employee. Back stabber. The best part about her job is the suitors.

The Design Team

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The Bard(s) - David Brown and Rising Appalachia

As world travelers for nearly two decades, Rising Appalachia have merged multiple global music influences with their own southern. Remarkably the band has built its legion of listeners independently -- a self-made success story that has led to major festival appearances and sold-out shows at venues across the country.

Founded by sisters Leah and Chloe Smith, the band established an international fan base due to relentless touring, tireless activism, and no small degree of stubborn independence. 

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The Dresser: Chinnyere McPherson

FASCHINN was founded by Chinnyere McPherson, a rising fashion designer and stylist, with over 13 years of hands on fashion experience. Anyone that knows McPherson personally, will tell you that she’s always had an innate gift for art and design. Sketching since age 9 and working in the retail industry since the age of 16, Chinnyere has fully immersed herself in the industry.

Developing FASCHINN as an extension of herself, McPherson’s goal is to maintain the significance of craftsmanship and authenticity in this big world of fashion.

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The Scribes: Cailin Yatsko and Nikki Borges

Cailin is an independent filmmaker based in NYC. Commercially she works with Conde Nest, Allure. She is the co-founder of Bicephaly films - an all-female group of filmmakers.


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