Water Wars

A reflection on nature's precious gift

Co-produced by the University of Saint Joseph in 2012, Water Wars brings our relationship with water and our assumption that it will always be there to the forefront. What happens when it’s not available—due to overpopulation, overuse, or pollution? What is our responsibility towards this flowing combination of hydrogen and oxygen?


Water Wars’ ten sections take a bold and beautiful look at these thoughts and questions, bringing them into the community, into the classroom and onto the stage in the Company's signature dance. Visually stunning and thought provoking, you will make a change in your personal relationship with water and water conservation.


Water Wars has become a staple of our Arts Integration programming. Artistic Director Sonia Plumb was one of nine artists nationwide to receive a Community Legacy Project award (2015) for her work integrating the science of water with dance in Water Wonder.

Water Wars Sections


Walking to Water

Water Bottles

Puddle Jumping



Walking Back

Waiting for the Rains

Water Wars


Water Wars 01