Class Descriptions

Ballet Foundations: This class is designed to introduce the most fundamental exercises and vocabulary of classical ballet training. Students will become familiar with the structure of the training class and build a strong foundation for more advanced work. Included in the lessons are exercises to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and musicality. This class is suitable to students new to classical ballet training, or those who are coming back to ballet after taking a break from study.


Ballet Beginner/Advanced Beginner: Students in this class should have a sufficient background and experience in ballet training to benefit from more complex work and the introduction of more strenuous exercises. Placement in this class is by teacher recommendation.


Ballet  Intermediate/Advanced: This class includes both basic information and more advanced work, based on the backgrounds of the students in each lesson. Introduction of new work will be combined with a focus on refining and mastering material already studied. All levels are welcome.


Modern Foundations: This class is designed to introduce the most fundamental exercises and vocabulary of modern dance. Students will become familiar with floor work, swings, release, gravity, spirals. Included in the lessons are exercises to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and musicality. This class is suitable to students new to dance training or those who wish to learn the fundamentals of modern.

Modern Beginner/Advanced Beginner: builds upon the foundations learned in Modern Foundations. Sequences for Center and across the floor work are more complex and strenuous. This class is suitable to students with training or those who wish to focus on refining their technique.


Modern/Contemporary Advanced: Focusing on the technique(s) practiced by dancers of SPD, students learn a variety of  styles taught by SPD Company Members, guests and Artistic Director Sonia Plumb. Check weekly schedules for teachers.


Creative Foundations: Students in this class will create their own work with guided tasks using the fundamentals of choreography and improvisation. They will work towards presenting their own work in the final performance at semester end.


Advanced Improvisation/Composition: Improvisation is used as a tool for both the dancer and choreographer to discover new movement vocabulary and choreographic material. This class will focus on creating a short compositional piece by week’s end.

Advanced Repertory: Taught by SPD Company Members, students learn SPD repertory utilizing a variety of methods including teacher, video and task oriented improvisations related to the choreography.  The class will include ensemble, solo and duet partnering work. Students will perform for the public in Dance in the Parks 2020 events.


Repertory for Youth Ensemble

Taught by SPD Company Members, students learn age and ability appropriate choreography. The class includes ensemble and small group work. Students prepare for performing in the SPD Dance in the Parks 2020 events.


Combo Class

The purpose of the class is to push the dancer’s mind, on how to pick up choreography, musicality, and style. The class will consist of a warm up that will prepare the dancer for the upcoming combination. The warm up will be followed by a short across the floor sequence there after will jump into learning the combination. This class will give the dancer a joy of learning in a quick pace, and having fun while doing it.


Foundations for Boys 

This class includes the basic information for both ballet and modern technique in a rigorous, energy filled environment in preparation for men’s class in advanced training.



Strengthen your core (backs, abs), legs and arms in this focused, no-impact strength and stretch class. Bands provided for arm work.



A great mixture of ab and leg work for dancers who want to focus on refining and strengthening their turnout and core strength – an essential for injured dancers and self care. Class takes place on the floor – bring your mat if you would like.



Beloved by many dancers and non-dancers alike, Yoga provides another method of strengthening and stretching our muscles with mindful spirituality.




KATHAK – Rachna Argawal (Week TBD)

Expressive, sharp, alluring, and precise, Kathak lives today as an important school of classical dance.  Kathak originated over 2000 years ago.  Evolving from a blend of Middle Eastern styles and Indian temple dance, Kathak combines dance, drama, and music to tell stories.  Modern Kathak emphasizes geometrical patterns and designs with special emphasis on footwork and intricate rhythmic patterns.


In one week of focus course, students will  learn:

1) Tatkar (basic footwork with variations), four basic movements, Chakkars or pirouettes of 5, 3, 2, and 1 beats, 3 Tukdas or short pieces, 2 tihais or triadic structures in Taal Teental, a rhythmic cycle of 16 beats, 

2)  A short  expressional piece and hand gestures

3) A folk dance from the state of Rajasthan, from which the Jaipur style of Kathak took its inspiration. (If time permits)



Penelope’s Odyssey Workshop  - The Suitors and the Maids (Week TBD)

Taught by Artistic Director, Sonia Plumb, this workshop will focus on creating new material for her newest production Penelope’s Odyssey slated to premiere in the Fall of 2020. For dancers wishing to perform in the production, this is an excellent opportunity to get seen  and be involved in the process.


Music for Dance  with Kevin Bishop and Sonia Plumb (Week TBD)

Understanding how to hear and talk to musicians is essential for teaching classes and working with composers. Join world - renowned composer and musician Kevin Bishop of Cuatro Puntos and choreographer Sonia Plumb for a thrilling exploration into the marriage between music and dance.

Contemporary/Modern Immersion (Week TBD)

Ramp up your Contemporary/Modern technique with a Guest Artist TBA. Modern dance is always evolving, fusing and diving into new, uncharterred territory. Join our guest artist for what's hot in contemporary/modern dance across the pond.