Dance Training Program

Training Bodies, Training Minds

 Classes for Youth - September 1 to December 15, 2021

 Ages 5-17

Classes held Monday to Friday 4:30pm to 9pm

Scholarships available for Hartford Youth


Mondays & Wednesdays


Teacher: Carol Roderick


This class includes both basic information and more advanced work, based on the backgrounds of the students in each lesson. Introduction of new work will be combined with a focus on refining and mastering material already studied. Dancers will be placed in the appropriate level and day.

Tuesdays & Thursdays


Teacher: SPD Company

Modern and Contemporary Technique

This class is designed to build on the most fundamental exercises and vocabulary of modern dance. Students will become familiar with floor work, swings, release, gravity, spirals. Included in the lessons are exercises to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and musicality. This class is suitable to students with some dance training or those who wish to focus on refining their technique. Dancers will be placed in the appropriate level.



Teacher: Sonia Plumb

Strength and Stretch

This class is designed for dancers and non professional dancers alike. A combination of abdominal work, mat Pilates and FloorBarre/Conditioning to increase strength and stretch for any body and anybody. 



Teacher: Andy Santana and Sonia Plumb

Making Dances

Students in this class will create their own work with guided tasks using the fundamentals of choreography and improvisation. They will work towards presenting their own work in the final performance at semester end.



Teacher: Kevin Bishop and Sonia Plumb

Music and Dance

Understanding how to hear and talk to musicians is essential for teaching classes and working with composers. Join world - renowned composer and musician Kevin Bishop of Cuatro Puntos and choreographer Sonia Plumb for a thrilling exploration into the marriage between music and dance.



Teachers: SPD Company members JoJo Rodriguez, Katie Garcia and Myles Hunter.


Taught by SPD Company Members, students will learn excerpts from Dance of da Vinci 2.0. Class showing at the end of the session. 



Teacher: Rachna Aargwal

Kathak with Rachna

Expressive, sharp, alluring, and precise, Kathak lives today as an important school of classical dance.  Kathak originated over 2000 years ago.  Evolving from a blend of Middle Eastern styles and Indian temple dance, Kathak combines dance, drama, and music to tell stories.  Modern Kathak emphasizes geometrical patterns and designs with special emphasis on footwork and intricate rhythmic patterns.



Teachers: SPD Company

Teacher's Choice

Taught by SPD Company Members, students will learn something new every week! Combo Class, Floor Barre Conditioning, Pilates, you name it!


Dance training takes commitment. Commitment to be in class, commitment to stay healthy, commitment to make mistakes, commitment to grow. Below is a list of expectations to ensure your student's success.

  • Students in the training program are expected to take class consistently and on time.

  • Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

  • Should a student become sick he/she may make up classes virtually.

  • Should the Training Program need to be shut down for a week due to COVID, classes will be extended into December.

  • Refund policy: sickness or exceptional circumstances only

  • Students are evaluated at the sessions’ end. They are provided with personal feedback from their instructors.

  • As this is a mixed level session due to COVID restrictions, we are keeping the in-person class size limited.

  • Students will be expected to take temperature daily.

  • Parents will be expected to sign Assumption of Risk forms and daily questionnaires confirming health.

  • Students will be working in their own designated “pod” both at barre and in center.

  • Students are expected to wear masks.

  • Students will need to change at home.

  • Students will be allowed in bathrooms one at a time.

All classes held at 942 Main Street, 2nd Floor, Hartford, CT (Hartford Stage rehearsal studios). Students will be buzzed in.