Who we are: SPDC is a performing modern/contemporary dance company based in Hartford, CT with the mission: to enrich and educate the community through innovative modern dance. Legally recognized as a non-profit 501(c)(3) since 1991. 

Vivid Choreography, Compelling Stories.

Driven by creative collaborations with artists and actors, musicians, composers, professors, poets and puppeteers.

"Mystical, electrifying, sensuous and an aesthetic adventure" The Hartford Courant

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Schedule of Classes

FRIDAY March 19

   Floor Barre Conditioning    9-10am                      Sonia Plumb
   Ballet                                  10:30-12noon             Carol Roderick
   Contemporary/Modern       12:30-2:00                  Mark Willis
   Repertory                            2:30-4:30                   Sonia & Micky
   Stretch & Strength              5:00-6:00                  DeAnna Pellecchia
SATURDAY, March 20

   Improvisation/Listening       9-10am                     DeAnna Pellecchia
   Ballet for Adults                    10:30-12noon            Carol Roderick
   Limon Masterclass                12:30-2:30                  Mark Willis
   Contemporary                      3:00-4:30                   Chloe Carlson
   Floor Barre Conditioning      5:00-6:00                  Sonia Plumb
SUNDAY, March 21    

   Mental Self Care for Dancers  9-10am                  Terry Hyde
   Returning to the Stage           10:30-12noon           Magna PT
   Belly Dancing                         12:30-2:00                Elisheva Bellydancer
   Repertory                               2:30-4:30                  Sonia Plumb
                                                 4:00 Showing with Rep students    

DANCERS' WELLNESS WEEKEND with Sonia Plumb Dance Company

Virtual & in-person classes focused on preparing dancers for their return to live performances and auditions. 


Classes will weave together elements for dancers to polish their overall health, technique, and strength from Friday, March 19th through Sunday March 21st at Hartford Stage rehearsal studio.


Featured instructors include Mark Willis of Limon Dance Company (Limon and Contemporary), DeAnna Pellecchia of Boston’s KAIROS Dance Theater and Paula Josa Jones (Stretch & Strength and Improvisation), Terry Hyde of Counseling for Dancers, UK (Mental Health for Dancers), Magna Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Center (Physical Health), Carol Roderick (Ballet), Sonia Plumb (Repertory), and more.


Classes available for single ticket purchase and create your own bundles. Limited spots available due to COVID regulations, reserve in advance! Scholarships awarded to Hartford youth in need. Please email director@soniaplumbdance.org to discuss eligibility. 


Registration Form

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Penelope's Odyssey
Inspired by the Women in Homer's - The Odyssey

The Executive team has made the decision to postpone the in-person event and filming of Penelope's Odyssey. While we had no reservations about the safety of the audience and crew, we are extremely concerned about the risk for the unmasked performers, due to the new COVID 19 variant. Says Artistic Director Plumb, "The point of this event was to bring the beauty and high caliber, inspirational dancing of Penelope's Odyssey to the public. This dance relies on human emotions and characters whose faces cannot be hidden behind masks. I personally, do not want to risk my health or the health of my dancers to possible exposure to COVID. We are going to wait until we are all vaccinated." We will announce new dates for the Spring soon.


During this historic moment of women’s voices and growth, Penelope’s Odyssey tells the story of Penelope and the women in the classic epic poem “Homer’s The Odyssey.” In this contemporary version, choreographer Sonia Plumb focuses on gender roles and societal norms as seen through the lens of time by weaving in topics of romance, betrayal, single motherhood, arranged marriage, war and its impact on the mental health of veterans. Often seen as boring, this fresh take on The Odyssey tells a story of survival in today’s world.

Penelope’s Odyssey has been made possible by grants from the Connecticut Office of the Arts, the Edward T. and Ann C. Roberts Foundation, Connecticut Humanities, and the Maximilian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation.

Sonia Plumb School of Dance

Due to the rising COVID cases, classes will not resume until January, 2021.


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Special Events

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