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#DanceFundChallenge - Scholarships for Hartford Youth

School of SPD

Summer Classes

Pre-Professional, Professional  & Adult

All of our on-line offerings are free. Please consider donating to ensure the continuation of our high caliber programs.


Dance in the Digital World 

Digital Privacy 

Now that we are on-line and on camera 24/7 what should you be concerned about? Join Attorney Sherwin Yoder &  Dancer Bryan Smith for an in-depth insight into the pros and cons and how to protect yourself from the unseen

Digitally Dance Fit

Join MagnaPT physical therapists Richelle (Ricki) Stevenson, LAT and Dr. Brianne Dwyer as they discuss the challenges of staying dance strong during COVID19 and preparing for re-entry onto the stage.


Join dancer Richard Pye and choreographer Sonia Plumb as they discuss the creation of 'Touch' - conceived and created 3000 miles apart during the COVID19 requirement of no touch allowed.

Music & Dance with Composer Mike Wall

The Plague! Live from London

Lust, Appetite & The Dance of da Vinci 2.0

Leonardo & Nature with Professor Sean Cocco

Empathy with Attorney Sherwin Yoder & Sonia Plumb


"Mystical, electrifying, sensuous and an aesthetic adventure" The Hartford Courant

"A perfect example of passion meets purpose." Fox 61 News







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